Our programs are specially designed to cultivate each child's potential to grow and learn.

Our core programs involve several different activities and modules such as Spanish immersion and socio-emotional learning. Each of these programs enriches the experience and knowledge of our learners and allows them to further explore their interests and nurture their love for learning. These programs are carried out by our faculty and other staff members.

Wonder Kids’ curriculum is research-based, which focuses on the best practices on how children develop and learn, it offers a sequence of learning, it is domain-specific, and the content and skills are developmentally appropriate. The activities have a balance between child-initiative and teacher-supported learning, and they are planned with intentional teaching and play-based instruction. The curriculum is aligned with Virginia’s Early Learning & Development Standards (ELDS).

The curriculum develops the following areas of development in English and Spanish:

  • Approaches to Play and Learning (Curiosity, creativity, self-regulation, problem-solving, initiative, perseverance, flexibility, attention)
  • Social and Emotional Development (Self-concept, self-esteem, relationship with others, emotional intelligence, assertiveness, empathy, cooperative play)
  • Communication, Language, and Literacy Development (Foundations for reading and writing, verbal and non-verbal communication, vocabulary, expression through art)
  • Health and Physical Development (Healthy habits, nutrition, fine and gross motor skills)
  • Cognitive Development (STEM: science, technology, engineering and math. Social studies, fine arts, community, and cultures)

The partial immersion model offers half-day activities in English and half-day in Spanish. The goal is to develop appropriate skills for the children in each stage, to prepare them for kindergarten, and to teach a second language which will have many benefits. Some of the benefits are brain development, sound acquisition of the second language phonemes, learning linguistic strategies, and a deeper understanding of the language and the culture. A second language also contributes to the development of critical thinking and flexibility.

The role of our educators is to identify each child’s development and learning style to plan, organize, and provide a curriculum with appropriate practices, to facilitate learning experiences, promote curiosity, creativity, problem-solving, self-regulation, self-esteem, communication skills, social relationships, and emotional regulation. Wonder Kids Learning Center’s goal is to work with the staff, children, and families together to make the learning experiences be extended out of the classes and be meaningful for all.

Wonder Kids uses the APP HiMama to facilitate the communication between the center, teachers, and parents. Using the APP, parents have access to check-in/out, daily reports, messages, photos, activities, menus, payments, receipts, reminders, and assessments.

Our programs include:

Do you have questions about the programs we offer or anything in particular? Please send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.